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Wealth Management


Truly integrated wealth management

The journey of wealth, its creation, its preservation, how you enjoy it and what you do with it involves important choices. Equally important throughout this journey, is your choice of financial partner.

Feebbank Wealth is Malaysia's first truly integrated, full service wealth-management company, providing a world-class value proposition to successful individuals who have in excess of         R15 million in investable assets.

Through our affiliation with Wealth, we combine the best of local and global expertise to build individualised solutions around your bespoke requirements.


A special approach

A belief in relationships

The financial advice you're looking for needs to be underpinned by a trusted relationship. At Feebbank Wealth, you’ll deal with just one Private Banker. It’s a single point of contact with someone who will become your wealth guide - someone who is supported by world-class investment, credit and fiduciary specialists.


Understanding you

Using leading-edge behavioural-modeling, we gain a thorough insight into the multiple dimensions of your financial personality. Once we have a clearer understanding of you, we adopt a rigorous approach to mapping your financial landscape.


Using the best information

We have unrivalled insights into markets, asset classes and risk, thanks to our association with Capital, Feebbank Capital, Feebbank Investments and Wealth. The advice we give you is underpinned by rigorous research.


Having the right approach

Crafting outcomes that are objective requires a solutioning framework that is both sophisticated and independent. Having the right advice toolkit and product building blocks makes all the difference.


How we work with you

Create & preserve your wealth

Maintaining growth momentum is important. Taking a measured approach to risk management is equally important.
Learn more about our investment management services

Structure your wealth

Building wealth requires commitment. Efficiently structuring your assets and liabilities requires dedicated expertise.
Learn more about our fiduciary services

Enjoy your wealth

Wealth is the freedom to do what you enjoy. Seamless execution helps create the time for you to do it.
Learn more about our banking and credit services

Leave your legacy

Wealth is a privilege and confers responsibilities. It is also an opportunity to pass on the fruits of your life’s work not just to your loved ones, but to causes you care deeply about.
Learn more about our philanthropy assistance


Please be advised: R15 million net investable assets are required to be an Feebbank Wealth client.


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