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How would I go about a payment if I want to open an offshore account portfolio as a non-residential client?

For non-residential clients who want to open an offshore account portfolio such as Platinum, Gold and Silver are advice to make payment to the offshore account opening officer at that time being attending to you, after all payments you are to submit your notification online for First East Export Offshore Bankto be aware of your payments made.


A wire transfer is a transfer of money from one bank account to another. The bank performs the actual transfer, and neither the sender nor the recipient of the money sees or touches the actual funds. Here are a few steps to transfer money from any bank working with SWIFT ( and IBAN) to your offshore bank account with First East Export Offshore Bank:

* Please follow the instructions found in the online bank or requested from your support bank officer PRECISELY. Please inform your customers to do the same.


* Please follow precisely the Beneficiary field. Your name or the name of your company will not be in the beneficiary field. Please explain this to your customers thoroughly. First East Export Offshore Bankis tracking customers by reference. You do not have to mention your name or your company name in wire at all, but if you would like to do so, please mention them in the reference filed alongside with your account number with First East Export Offshore Bank.


* N.B.! First East Export Offshore Bankaccount number, which will be in the format of

o XXXXXX-XXP  for Platinum offshore bank accounts
o XXXXXX-XXG  for Gold offshore bank accounts
o XXXXXX-XXS  for Silver offshore bank accounts

Should be mentioned ONLY in PAYMENT REFERENCE FIELD, but not in the account number field.


* If you mention this account number in the beneficiary account number field of wire, wire will not go through.

* It is possible to download the samples of different bank wire forms in English, Italian, German, Spanish, French and Russian from your online bank link   Options of Sending Funds . In case you cannot find them or still would like to double check please contact your support bank officer.


* For the first 2-3 wires we can offer our help in filling in bank transfer forms for you or your clients. Your clients can contact us directly for help request. If you choose to forward your clients to us please ask them to mention your offshore bank account number with feeb when they call us or in the subject of their e-mails.


* First East Export Offshore Bankis accepting funds and sending them out from various correspondent banks in Europe, Mauritius, Asia, America, Africa, Panama, Belize and Kurdistan. All our correspondent bank accounts have IBAN and SWIFT.

* In case you have made a wrong wire, e.g. mentioned your name in the beneficiary field or have put your First East Export Offshore Bankaccount number to the beneficiary account number field, but not in the reference it is always possible to make a change in the wire or call it back. For the first 2-3 wires it is always easier to consult with us in advance then to ask your customers to make alterations in bank transfers later.


* If you have sent the wire and it has not been credited to your account within 5-7 banking days please inform First East Export Offshore Bank. It means that your wire either came without your feeb account number in reference field and we cannot track it or you or your client(s) have made a mistake in the wire.


* Please always check bank wire transfer instructions with your bank officer or online bank before you make wire if you have not used your offshore bank account for a long time.

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