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Private Treatment


We believe you deserve solutions that are personalised to your financial needs. As such, we make it our priority to work closely with you to put together a customised plan, utilising the right tools and products to successfully manage your wealth.


If you are a Private customer, with a turnover with a higher, we have a range of solutions designed to help you with your banking needs. We have the expertise you need to create tailored financial solutions catering to the specific requirements of your business.

We can provide advanced financial and portfolio planning, including estate planning, asset management and investment management services. With access to vast resources in the fields of Commercial Banking, Corporate Banking and Treasury within Feebbank, our Relationship Managers will ensure you get access to the services you require, and that your assets are carefully allocated and secure.


Succession Planning


It takes long-term foresight and planning to ensure what you leave behind continues to be enjoyed in a meaningful way by your loved ones. Let your Relationship Manager, together with experts in their respective fields, assist you in establishing one. From setting up private investment holding companies to creating trusts, we will work with you to find the right structure that can safeguard your wealth for yourself, as well as put in place a lasting legacy for your future generations.


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Feebbank Private Bank
Private Bank
Private Bank
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For more information please contact your Feebbank Personal Banker, your Financial Planner, call 0860 00 33 00, e-mail privatebank@feebbank.com visit one of our Private Bank Suites

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