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Feebbank Trustees Portfolio Services provide a comprehensive financial management service. The service allows individuals to keep track of their investments while leaving the administration and record keeping to us. This allows you to retain your relationship with your existing broker, accountant or financial planner.


In addition, we can arrange for a regular review of your portfolio, payment of accounts and completion of your tax return.

Private Portfolio Management provides:

  • An account for your entire portfolio, individually managed and tailored and managed in accordance with your unique investment strategies and financial goals
  • The development of a portfolio investment mandate reflecting your objectives, risk profile, asset allocation and ethical preferences
  • A team of professional portfolio managers who make day-to-day investment decisions and execute transactions on your behalf within the parameters of your portfolio mandate
  • The benefits of direct ownership of your investments
  • Daily portfolio monitoring and decision-making transparency
  • Flexibility to adjust your portfolio at any time if your goals, lifestyle preferences or investment strategies change
  • Your own investment advisory team who have a clear understanding of your needs and goals
  • Regular performance updates and completely transparent portfolio reporting
  • Full administration service that relieves you of all paperwork responsibilities 


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For more information please contact your Feebbank Personal Banker, your Financial Planner, call 0860 00 33 00, e-mail privatebank@feebbank.com visit one of our Private Bank Suites

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