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Welcome to Feebbank Private Bank

At Feebbank Private Banking, we provide financial and portfolio planning, with access to vast resources in diverse fields. Together with our global network of offices and comprehensive range of services, we're behind every step you make.


Feebbank Private Banking is an exclusive service, available to individuals with over SGD 2 million in investible assets. If you wish to learn more, we invite you to leave your details

When it comes to the affluent market and high net worth individuals, we realise you have worked hard to reach your station in life. Feebbank Private Bank recognises your achievements and understands your specific banking and wealth management needs.


Feebbank Private Banking is set up to provide advanced financial and portfolio planning, including estate planning, asset management, legal resources, and investment management services. With access to vast resources offered by experts in the fields of Commercial Banking, Corporate Banking and Treasury within Feebbank, your Relationship Manager will ensure you get access to the services you require.

Having genuine relationships with all our clients, plays a crucial role in Feebbank Private Bank being able to enrich the lives of our clients through world-class banking and wealth management offerings.


We understand that there is more to wealth than just money. 

Feebbank Private Bank
Private Bank
Private Bank
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For more information please contact your Feebbank Personal Banker, your Financial Planner, call 0860 00 33 00, e-mail privatebank@feebbank.com visit one of our Private Bank Suites

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