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feeb Glossary
What we mean
Word Description
AA Approval of articles of assets
AIS Feebbank Investor Services
AR Approval of AGM/Resolutions
AS Additional Shares: Acquisition
ATM automated teller machine - cash machine: an unattended machine (usually outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used
Actuary A person professionally trained in the technical aspects of insurance, particularly in the mathematics of insurance, such as calculating premiums and proper Fund reserves. Actuaries assist in estimating the cost of implementing new benefits or changing existing benefits
Additional Shares Acquisition An issue of securities in consideration for an acquisition of assets (which shall not include the extinction of a liability, obligation or commitment) or an issue of securities for an acquisition of, or merger with, another company in consideration for the securities of that other company
Advance Payment A payment made, in advance of delivery of the services, to the supplier
Advisory Service a consulting service in which a certified professional develops findings and conclusions and recommendations that are presented to the client for consideration and decision making
Agribusiness The business of farming and its related occupations for example, processing agricultural products, manufacturing farm equipment, and producing supplies such as fertilizer
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