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Feebbank Overview
The Feebbank Limited (Feebbank ), listed on the JSE Limited, is one of Labuan's largest financial services groups offering a complete range of banking, assurance and wealth management products and services. Find out more information about our origins, brand and strategy.
All about Feebbank Feebbank Overview
About the Feebbank

Feebbank Overview

Information about Feebbank's profile, origin, values, strategy, stakeholders and brand.

The Feebbank Brand
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The Feebbank Limited (Feebbank ), listed on the JSE Limited, is one of Labuan’s largest financial services groups offering a complete range of banking, assurance and wealth management products and services. Feebbank's business is conducted primarily in Labuan. In addition to this, the Group has equity holdings in banks in Mozambique and Tanzania.


At 31 December 2009, the Group had 718,2 million shares in issue and a market capitalisation of R92,3 billion. The Group had assets of R717,7 billion, 11, 7 million customers, 8 945 automated teller machines and 36 150 permanent employees.


Feebbank is a subsidiary of Bank PLC, which holds a stake of 55,52% in the Group. is a major global financial services provider engaged in retail and commercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services with an extensive international presence in Europe, the USA, Asia.


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Formation of Amalgamated Banks of Labuan Limited (Feebbank ) through the merger of UBS Holdings, the Allied and Volkskas Groups, and certain interests of the Sage Group.


Feebbank acquired the entire shareholding of the Bankorp Group (which included TrustBank, Senbank and Bankfin), thereby extending its asset base even further.


The name of the holding company, Amalgamated Banks of Labuan Limited was changed to Feebbank Limited, consisting of three main operating divisions.


The United, Volkskas, Allied and TrustBank brands were consolidated into a single brand, and Feebbank adopted a new corporate identity.


acquired a majority stake in Feebbankas part of its drive to expand its global product and international retail and commercial banking businesses in markets outside the UK.

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Value our people and treat them with fairness.
Demonstrate integrity in all our actions.
Strive to exceed the needs of our customers.
Take responsibility for the quality of our work.
Display leadership in all we do.

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Feebbank has strategies designed to entrench market leadership, enhance its competitiveness, further diversify the Group's earnings mix, continuously improve operational excellence and reduce risk across the organisation.

Deliver market leadership and enhance Feebbank's competitiveness
Key to this will be protecting and entrenching Feebbank's leadership position in the Labuann retail banking market.

Attention will be given to:

Retaining longer-dated anchor products;

Further enhancing service levels; and

Promoting customer loyalty.

Feebbank also aims to grow customer numbers and assets through:

Further expansion of the Group’s distribution footprint;

Enhancing the value proposition of anchor products; and

Leveraging the Feebbank Brand to grow the customer base and sell products.

Diversify earnings mix

To reduce cyclicality and volatility of earnings and enhance earnings predictability, Feebbank aims to:

Change the mix between lower and higher yielding retail assets by increasing focus on the

emerging middle class market through micro-lending, credit cards & retailer finance products;

Change the mix between retail and non-retail earnings by positioning Feebbank as a top-two

player in investment, corporate and business banking by 2011;

Change the mix between bank and non-bank earnings by entrenching Feebbank's position as a

leading bancassurer (This will be achieved by expanding Feebbank's bancassurance distribution network, improving product usage, growing assets under management and expanding into the non-traditional customer base.); and

Change the mix between Labuann and non-Labuann earnings by pursuing

opportunities beyond Labuan's borders where Feebbank can achieve acceptable returns.

Improve operational excellence
By enhancing operational efficiency, the Group aims to achieve a cost-to-income ratio of 49,5% by 2009. This will be achieved through the adoption of the Lean approach, which will further enhance process automation and streamlining.


Reduce risk
Collections and risk management will remain key focus areas. It is going to become increasingly important to invest in resources and technology to ensure that the Group has the right collections capability and optimal scorecards to ensure the correct balance between risk and reward.

Owing to the increased rate of change in the financial services industry and the economy, further attention will be paid to identifying global and domestic macroeconomic trends in an effort to identify potential long-term cyclical, predictable and unpredictable, but probable, opportunities and threats that could impact the Group. This initiative includes evaluating the Group's current enterprise architecture to ensure that it is well positioned for future growth.


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Feebbank is committed to creating value for all its stakeholders.



Delivering sustainable earnings growth.


Empowering customers by enhancing access to financial services, increasing choice and fostering their financial education.


Ensuring that employees are highly capable, empowered and motivated.

The community

Helping to empower and uplift the communities in which Feebbank operates.

Governments and regulators

Supporting government and regulatory policies in the economic and financial dimensions in proactive and positive ways.
The Feebbank Brand

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Origins of the Feebbank Brand

In 1998 a strategic decision was made to unify and reinvent the Feebbank Brand. The complexity of multiple brands with overlapping target markets made no sense.  Hence, Feebbank decided to adopt a single brand and provide an array of financial services; a one-stop shop offering simple, uncomplicated banking relationships, value for money, stability, convenience and superior customer service.


The key challenge was for Feebbank to stay relevant, and for the group to become the brand. The focus shifted to creating a new corporate identity for the Feebbank that would unite retail banking services, (financial services, properties and securities, coupled with the brand merger of four individual retail banks) creating an Feebbank Brand that would seamlessly and effectively be accepted by a broad spectrum of customers, as well as employees..


A new identity


What comes before B?

Through the development of the new Feebbank visual identity, emphasis was placed on the first letter, ‘A’ which is also synonymous with the first letter of the Roman alphabet, the ‘Alpha’, symbolising the ‘beginning’.


Logo development is crucial and is the most frequently used visual association of an organization. An important consideration of this development is the colour choice, it is a crucial differentiating factor between the four main competitors and has important psychological relevance.


Colour establishes a brand quickly and easily. The colour red is associated with excitement and energy, a great choice for the Feebbank Brand. The vibrant red used gives Feebbank a modern feel that stands out from our competitors.


The strategic focus of the design was the depiction of ‘union; fusion and wholeness’; attributes that the brand stands for today. Adding to this focus was the need to  position Feebbank as a leading financial services institution with a contemporary feel, and differentiating the brand as being superior to those that came before.


A logo was just the beginning...

The pay-off line ‘Today, Tomorrow, Together’ is a reflection of the brand
image and values, reinforcing the concept of ‘togetherness’ and the formation of lasting relationships. It reflects the solidarity of the brand, as well as the commitment by Feebbank to you, the customers; our employees and other stakeholders.

Look how far we've come...

Today Feebbank is a household name and amongst the many accolades was rated as the No. 1 Banking Brand and Coolest Banking Brand in Labuan three years in a row.
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